Alyssa Groeneveld is a designer that grew up in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Before she started her MA menswear at Central Saint Martins (London) she studied Fashion design at Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam. In her younger years she was inspired by the way her favorite music artists dressed. Her biggest inspirations are Pharrel williams, 2PAC, Eve, Missy Elliot and J.L.O. She like the way they dressed in (oversized) tracksuits and hoodies. This how she dresses herself till today and the main reason how she is influenced by sports and streetwear.
During her BA she tried to experiment with silhouettes and patterns to create different volumes around the mens body with sporty elements. Over the past years and especially during her masters she got to learn herself a new expertise of the draping technique. She wanted to be guided by her intuition what she linked to her Faith in God. The process is more important to her than the outcome. Her collections are made out of existing garments that she gets sponsored by several brands and/or that she buys via joblots on Ebay. Her collections exists out of zero patterns and are 3D.
Sustainability is very important to her. During the MA she shifted slowly in a mix from sportswear with suiting to approach a wider range of man. Her concepts are based on groups of man that express their emotions in a particular environment.
For her graduation she chooses the football culture.